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Veteran Owned & Family Operated - Made in America

C.V. Source, Inc., a Rebuilder of OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) CV Axles, began 32 YEARS AGO in the basement of the owner's home in Norcross, Georgia and has evolved into a highly respected industry leader with a proven track record of knowledgeable & courteous customer support. Excellence in quality & knowledgeable customer service marks the distinction between C.V. Source and all the others. We promote problem solving versus repeated parts replacement methods commonly used throughout our industry.

While others compromise quality for market share, at C.V. Source we know remanufactured OEM is the best product for the price resulting in reduced failures. Product quality is refined at C.V. Source never compromised. Our philosophy of "quality first" extends to you the customer through our people and products. It is this very philosophy that allows us to represent the remanufactured OEM cv axle industry as "your" C.V. Source.

Why C.V. Source?

The "aftermarket" auto parts industry has changed in the last 20 years. Aftermarket auto parts comprise of those replacement parts not sold through a dealership parts department. If a replacement part was needed for a repair the options were dealership, an auto parts store, or a salvage yard. Often new parts from the dealership were priced out of reach for the typical repair & salvage parts posed a potential for future failure resulting in repeating the repair. That's where a Rebuilt or sometimes termed "remanufactured" parts fit in. These parts are used original equipment parts meaning they originated from a vehicle, but they are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, & repaired to "like new" condition, then tested to perform as a new part but at a reduced cost of new. The series of tasks are performed by craftsman with the unique skill to produce a very quality product.

This rebuilt or remanufactured product was the primary alternative to new dealer parts until the last 20 years or so. A rapid progression to "copy" or reproduce the original equipment part in a manner that is similar, but at a much lower quality & cost began to eventually saturate the aftermarket auto parts industry. Every original part was being copied by inferior versions while the driving down cost forcing out the rebuilt/remanufactured original equipment part offerings. Soon every parts store only offered their "New" version of a part because of its attractive price cost for greater markup no matter the resulting quality. 

Why does this matter? Because the "New" copy is manufactured in China with less than standard quality. Quality matters because fitment, durability, & safety are major considerations when choosing replacement repair parts for your vehicle. Your transportation & it's cargo are very important. No matter what the packaging may claim the "New" copy product is nowhere near that of a new original part or rebuilt/remanufactured. These "New" parts produced in China DO NOT meet any quality or safety standards as an original equipment part does. A rebuilt/remanufactured part comprises the major components of the original equipment part so it has already met the quality & safety standards required to be sold in this country. Any claims on the "New" Aftermarket Chinese-made part packaging are only for marketing and have no supportive documentation or testing.

Products C.V. Source offers:

  • Remanufactured/Rebuilt Axle Shafts - If we don't have it let us rebuild yours!
  • Remanufactured/Rebuilt 4WD Propeller/Toyota Previa Accessory Shafts
  • Remanufactured/Rebuilt Rack & Pinion Steering Units

Specialty Services C.V. Source performs:

  • Unsurpassed Technical Support on models from the 1940's through 2018
  • Inner CV Joint Housing Repair
  • Bar Shaft Straightening - Bent axle? Let us repair it!
  • R&R Service on Late Model, Limited Stock, or Collision Damaged Parts
  • R&R Service on ATV & UTV CV Axles- All Terrain Vehicles
  • Import Specialist with a Thorough Background in Exotics
  • NAPCO, GearGrind, & CONVEL 4WD 

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C.V. Source, Inc
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